The Weekly Digest

Going to give Pickleball a try for the first time this weekend… in a tournament. Wish me luck. Maybe I can channel the Leanne Ford x Recess aesthetic in look at least? The host just sent me this video about the five stages of Pickleball. I’m probably at stage 2.

Happy to say I got my vote in yesterday. Did you know that only four states don’t offer any sort of early voting? Unless you’re in New Hampshire, Mississippi, Connecticut, or Alabama, you can vote before Election Day!

Tonight we go out to celebrate my mother-in-law’s 80th birthday, and Sunday is Aron’s birthday—he wants to play ultimate frisbee, eat his homemade coffee cake, and watch the UCD Women’s soccer game! Sound  good to me!

Anyway, it will be a good distraction from the stress I’m feeling about trying to get The Dirt back in print within the next month. I’ve been spending a lot more time at my computer and have been missing all the walks I was taking. Need to get back into balance!

Hope you’re feeling it more than I! Have a great weekend…

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The Weekly Digest

Yosemite Falls

Aron’s birthday is coming up and I still need to plan something special. For years we used to go to Yosemite to celebrate—and looking back over one of our travelogues from a fall visit made me miss it so much! It’s been far too long since we’ve been in that majestic valley. I’m not sure we can swing it, however. Time is tight with all of the kids’ activities—soccer and such. Plus, we’re supposed to play in a pickle-ball tournament on the Saturday… which should be interesting as I’ve never tried it!

This weekend we’re looking forward to attending the UC Davis Homecoming game and Neighbors’ Night Out. The city helps people host potlucks and meetups for neighbors all over the city, closing off streets for people to gather and connect. I’m also hoping to do some home organizing. We moved everything out of our garage for the construction and if you just looked along the sides of the house you’d think we were hoarders.

Finally, tonight I can’t wait to watch the 10th and final episode of Bad Sisters. I’ve been listening to old Sharon Horgan interviews this week because it has been so hard to wait!

Have a great weekend… 

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The Weekly Digest

There are pumpkins appearing all over town. Always a bit jarring to see while we are just hitting our tomato-salad eating stride. This one from the Salad Freak cookbook has my name on it!

We all drove into the foothills, to Apple Hill, on Wednesday to get into the fall mood –lots of apple cider donuts and pie but no apples this year. I feel for those farms: pandemic, drought, wildfires during the fast few seasons, and now a cold snap destroyed their apple crop. The kids didn’t notice, of course—the sweet baked goods were still plenty! And we found a new-ish stop with some cider to taste.

This past week was a busy one—I’m hoping to bring back the print edition of the local events calendar I run, (The Dirt) this December, and I’m trying to remind myself of all that it required in 2020. I’m putting out notices for help from interns and looking to pull together a team to work on everything from layout to reporting and ad sales, if anyone has leads.

I’m on my way to meet Aron in Vegas right now, though. The kids are staying with grandma and they have a full weekend of soccer and birthday parties, etcetera. Thankful for that village!

Have a great weekend!

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