Translated map of Ireland (and Friday links)

I spotted this “Translated Map” of all 32 Counties of Ireland on Jane Flanagan‘s Facebook page. Love the insights like “Bare Spot,” “Hilly Land,” and “Church of the Toothless One.” Makes the Isle seem even more fairy-tale-like than ever (and that’s saying a lot—we were already convinced, when we visited one June.) Here’s our travelogue.

Here are some other fun things that have caught my eye of late… 

Brilliant! David Attenborough gives the sport of curling his nature-channel narration treatment.

We talked about the site “Unroll Me” that can unsubscribe you from mass email lists in huge swaths? Well this is sort of interesting: these are the sites most commonly receiving unsubscribe requests. Not a list you want to be on!

Summer: I have my eye on you! (And I’d happily greet the season in this bathing suit—which, I realize, is essentially the same cut as the one I already have, here.)

But until then, this Bill Cunningham video of men crossing the street in a sort of ice ballet is awesome.

Emily’s patio-inspiration photos are exactly what I’d choose. Can’t wait to see the end-result.

A documentary to add to my queue. Gerard Richter is one of my favorite painters. (Here’s another.)

Looking to share dinner with locals abroad? Great idea.

Maldives on a budget? Can it be?!

Pregnancy, for me, was like a giant shopping hiatus. I think one of my first post-partum purchases might have to be these cropped jeans. I can’t seem to close the tab on my homescreen.

Sophia Coppola leads one down the best musical rabbit holes.

This New York Times article about equality in marriages and frequency of sex is interesting. Aron and I shared a good laugh about it; I read parts aloud just after the baby was born and he was unloading the dishwasher.
[Image source: Imgur]

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